Our Mission Statement

Great Lakes Christian High School fosters excellence in education while equipping learners to seek, serve and become like Christ.

Meeting Our Goals


GLCHS is an independent not-for-profit Christian High School and a registered charity in Canada. On an annual basis, approximately 80% of the high school revenue comes from student fees, 15% comes from donations, and 5% from other sources (rentals, investments, solar panels, etc.).

Seeking annual donations provides a level of accountability to stakeholders, allows us to maintain a competitive fee structure, supports a robust financial aid program for qualifying families, and enables us to make strategic improvements to programs, facilities, and equipment.

Expenses at GLCHS can be broadly categorized into three areas:


employee remuneration and student scholarships,
bursaries, and financial aid


maintaining and improving upon facilities,
equipment, and property


short/long term investments, curriculum/service
development, debt reduction, etc.

When material needs are met, we are able to focus on delivering a program that is safe, qualitative, and Christ-focused.

Therefore, a donation to GLCHS, regardless of where and how a donor chooses it to be applied, is an investment that pays eternal dividends.

Our annual fundraising goal is $400,000. Thank you to all who make a commitment to supporting our school financially.

If you do not yet support GLCHS, please prayerfully and carefully consider giving today.

If you have been a supporter of GLCHS, we want to keep in touch with you!

Please keep us up to date with where you are in life and how to send you updates about developments at GLCHS.  We would love to hear from you!