Student Technology Usage Agreement

Computer use is a valuable and necessary component of a GLCHS’ student’s work. Varying work responsibilities results in access to different levels of information sources and school infrastructure. Access and authorization to information and equipment carry a responsibility for their appropriate use.

The use of Great Lakes Christian High School computer equipment is intended to be used for educational and professional development activities. As a result, a teacher may choose to not have sudents use their laptops for student work and instead ask students to use traditional paper and pen activities depending on the subject and the sassignment.

The use of the network must be consistent with the educational and spiritual objectives of the school. This technology usage agreement is used along with our current GLCHS Handbook for students.

Expectations of students include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Use of GLCHS computer equipment and access to the network is granted to the undersigned only. The undersigned should never allow another person to use his or her individual username or password to gain access to the school’s network or other school resources. The undersigned should never allow another person to make purchases with bank information that is not their own. GLCHS is not in any way responsible to recover these types of lost funds.
  2. GLCHS computer equipment is for institutional purposes only. Such uses include, but are not limited to coursework, research, and personal corresponsdence. GLCHS computer equipment is not be used by anyone other than the assigned user.
  3. Software should be used only in accordance with its license agreement. The undersigned agrees to abide by the licensing agreements between GLCHS and its vendors. Students must not install software of any kind without permission and supervision.
  4. The undersigned will not damage or destroy computer equipment, software, or systems. Any damage to computer equipments should be reported to the Principal. A valid credit card imprint will be given for up to $1,000 for laptop/textbook/dorm room/fob etc. damagge. Parents will be given 7 days notice before any charges are made.
  5. Employees/students are expected to use email, Teams, Edsby and social media with good judgment and be aware that email messages are not confidential, and privacy cannot be guaranteed. The undersigned is prohibited to:
    1. Sending, responding, or forwarding electronic/digital (includes social media) communication that contains defamatory, offensive, obscene, or racial remarks.
    2. Sending, responding, or forwarding electronic/digital (includes social media) communication intended to harass or intimidate another person.
    3. Sending unsolicited email messages or chain mail.
    4. Forging or attempting to forge email messages, or attempt to disguise your identity when sending, responding, or forwarding electronic/digital (includes social media) communication.
    5. Visit potentially dangerous websites that compromise the safety or integrity of GLCHS computers or network.
    6. Using credit cards, debit cards, gift cards to purchase online or in person items if he/she does not own the card.  GLCHS will not follow up on purchases made when a card has been willingly loaned or given out.
    7. Use of credit cards, debit cards, gift carts that do not belong to the student constitutes theft and will be dealt with accordingly.
  6. GLCHS is not responsible for personal files stored on school computers. The undersigned is responsible for saving his/her personal files onto his/her own storage media (USB, Cloud, external hard drive).
  7. Electronic communication Privacy Act Notice: GLCHS makes no guarantee of confidentiality or privacy of any information transmitted through or stored upon its computing devices or information system. In addition, GLCHS may periodically monitor any transmission over its computing, communication, or information system for maintenance, service quality assurance and or any purpose permitted by the school’s privacy policy.
  8. School computers are permitted to go home with students over school breaks (Christmas, March Break, Long Weekends). However, only North American students are permitted to take the computer home over the Summer Break. North American students must return with the computer the week before school begins to the IT department for updates for the new school year.
  9. All computers being used by graduating or non-returning students must be returned after their last exam. Parents are responsible to pay for the unreturned device.
  10. Any device must be returned within 7 days or a formal (written/digital) request.
  11. Any damage (not covered by our current computer warranty) or loss of school equipment due to negligence is the responsibility of the user.