Statement of Community Expectations and Standards

Great Lakes Christian High School centres its ediucation and residential program in the person and principles of Jesus Christ.  The community expectations and standards exhibit our commitment to Christian principles. Each student is expected to display the following behaviours in their interaction with all members of the Great Lakes and extended community:

  1. Be truthful when called to account for their actions or when seeking permissions.
  2. Comply with requests made by any staff member who is upholding school expectations.
  3. Exhibit respect toward all persons and in all relationships.
  4. Be respectful of the personal property of others, including school property.
  5. Use the most appropriate, positive, affirming language (including body language) and refrain from the use of profanity, euphemisms or slang in all school interactions.
  6. Practice the “Golden Rule,” “So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you…” (Matthew 7:12), by being considerate of others and by being guided by the clear moral teachings of the New Testament in all school social interactions.

Students who break the Community Standards of Canada or the Province of Ontario as contained in the “Criminal Code” automatically withdraws themselves from Great Lakes Christian High School. Withdrawal from school will result from the following:

  1. Unlawful use of fire alarms and fire extinguishers;
  2. Possessions of firearms, weapons or illegal knives;
  3. Forced or unauthorized entry to lockers, mailboxes, rooms, buildings;
  4. Being in possession of stolen property or unauthorized keys;
  5. Possession, distribution, or use of alcohol, illegal drugs, vape products, e-cigarettes, marijuana, or unauthorized drugs;
  6. Possession or use of cigarettes/tobacco;
  7. Verbal or physical harassment, bullying and assault of student or staff;
  8. Sexual misconduct including harassment, pornography, assault or immorality in any form.

Note: Harassment and bullying are behaviour by one person towards another which are insulting, intimidating, humiliating, degrading, or offensive.  This may be physical, verbal, emotional or sexual and the victim may feel discomfort, embarrassment, or fear of their safety.